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The theming of the headquarters of the Coca Cola Company was a unique opportunity for our studio. The elements we were responsible for were the complete full colour wall vinyl printing with the unique Coke image applied to it.

The Coke image was generated by building a special multi level aquarium. In order to aerate the liquid, we had to use a special pump and then, with Photoshop edited the file until we reached our result.

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2)BBQ skewers

In this case, our brief was to enhance the brand of the BBQ Skewers Beef House with its massive and magnificent menu and the three quarters of a million rands worth of the finest wines that adorn the walls and tables.

The result was a projection and the sensation of comfortable, easy opulence born of miniscule attention to detail coupled with creativity on the highest plane.

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The Skewers has its own retail store called Vintages. Its owners frequently buy the entire production of major Stellenbosch wine producers in barrels to be bottled later.

After achieving our aims for the BBQ Skewers, we were asked to produce work of equal quality for the Vintage wine store.

We were happy to oblige.

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A restaurant reviewer wrote about The Butcher Shop, 'The Butcher shop and Grill is a remarkable restaurant, as it creates the difference between mere eating and the subtle pleasure of dining...'

This restaurant offers diners the finest quality beef together with with an extensive range of game biltong. They asked us to design their exterior signage.

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